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pelli wet blue di origine europea selezionate dai migliori macelli

The Splits esperti da 50 anni

With an experience of over 50 years, we treat wet blue cow and calf splits.
Our competence and knowledge of the raw material allows us to offer and develop quality items according to the different needs of customers.
wet blue splits, fianchi, gropponi e spalle

With passion since 1960.

More than 50 years of experience, ready to help you in your needs.

The Splits is an industry-leading leather wholesaler, supplying individuals and businesses with wet-blue and finished they need. We were founded in 1960 and have been in the Arzignano valley ever since. Find out all about The Split, call and we will be happy to help you with any information related to a specific product or service.



In the early 1960s, Mr. Danieli began trading tripe splits, obtaining supplies from the tanneries of Arzignano and Bassano del Grappa, then selling them to Santacroce Sull'arno tanneries which produced leather and in Bassano del Grappa which produced suede.


In 1962 he began to trim and select tripe splits, exporting them first to Germany and Spain.


In 1970 he was the first to export the by-products of  splits to China


In 78 he began to trim the buttocks with bycast, paving the way for an innovative article which still has the greatest use of splits (wet-blue).


From the 1990s to 2000, he took particular care of the development of bycast articles for leather goods for all the major fashion brands.


In 2000 he passed the baton to his daughters Cristina and Arianna and his son-in-law Alessandro Piacentin who continue to treasure past experience


Today our company works with the Italian market and exports to Asia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Serbia.


The Splits s.r.l.  is now part of LWG.

We are LWG approved trader, useful to bring value to our customers.

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Via Della Tecnica 17

Montebello Vicentino

36054 Italy

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